Meet Mereo: Steve Maegdlin

This summer I am going to be spending some time with each of Mereo’s principals to provide a behind the scenes look at these seasoned professionals, what they bring to the Mereo team and some fun facts about their lives. Today I am going to be talking to Mereo Principal, Steve Maegdlin. {Chelsey}

How did you get into this industry?

I started my career in the high-tech/software space – sprinkled with a little management consulting about 10 years out of college. During my tenure at multiple software companies, we began to develop strategic solutions for integrating sales and marketing to drive growth. I had the privilege of working with Jay Mitchell at several companies, and we both had a passion for driving sustainable revenue through strategic marketing and sales enablement. Once I made enough mistakes and had some good successes, I figured it was time to go into consulting full time to help as many organizations as possible.

What is your area of expertise?

I have a very diverse background. I started my career in finance and accounting, went into IT, did operational consulting, then got into the software industry. I ran product management and product marketing, and then got into running integrated marketing and branding, which led to several positions in sales. I’ve worked in very large public companies, small startups and even in the non-profit sector. I’ve also started and run a number of companies. I’d say the intersection of my passion with expertise is helping companies build strategic, predictable revenue and growth strategies – along with the belief that sales and marketing can and must work together to make that happen.

What are you most excited about as you become a part of the Mereo team?

Simply put – the people are phenomenal, and, it works. The process and methodology produce results. It’s fun to work with passionate people who know how to help clients.

What is your favorite client success story?

Probably a large software company that Jay, Joel Reed and I worked with to drive significant growth in a short period of time. This particular client was going in the wrong direction – from about $1B to $800M when we got engaged. We developed a predictable revenue performance model based on strategic segmentation of the market, and a dramatically different sales engagement strategy. We were extremely successful in getting marketing focused on generating demand in the right industry segments, optimal geographies with the right product solutions where they had the highest probability of winning, got sales organized and equipped to effectively tell the right story and effectively position the products and corporate value proposition. The results were phenomenal – $400M increase in top line revenue in 2 years.

Where do you go for insight and thought leadership?

I love this question. My favorite place is to go to other people who have different experiences than I do. I also attend at least one leadership conference once a year to gain inspiration and engage with like-minded leaders. I also listen to the TED radio hour!

What sets Mereo apart from its competitors?

Three things: People. Process. Results. Great, talented, passionate people who have direct experience with whatever the client is dealing with (been there, had to manage the budget, run the team, own the number). A process that just plain works. The results our clients have been able to achieve speaks volumes.

What are some of your hobbies?

As a 20-year Coloradan, anything outdoors. Hiking in the mountains where there are few, if any, people is hard to beat. I also  love golf. LOVE golf. I’ve been playing since I was 11, and have always loved it. Nothing is more important than my family, and I spend lots of time hanging with them, doing all sorts of things (mostly outdoors). I love reading and taking hikes with my dog. I am also a (very) amateur photographer and take a fall photography trip every year. I grew up in Chicago, and unlike some of my peers, am a die-hard Cubs fan, and still relive the glory days of the Chicago Bears of the mid 1990s. For all the naysayers out there, this is the year for the Cubs. And, go Blackhawks.