Mereo a finalist in 2019 Top Sales and Marketing Awards

AUSTIN, TX (December 2019) Mereo LLC has been recognized as a finalist in 2019 Top Sales and Marketing Awards for both the “Top Company Blog” and “Top eBook / White Paper” categories.

The Mereo blog, among 11 others recognized in the category, continues to be a reliable and trusted resource for B2B business leaders to gain insight, guidance and direction for topics spanning sales enablement, revenue performance and Seek to Serve™ philosophy.

The Mereo eBook, “Seek to Serve: How and why to put buyers first in a customer-centric society,” offers insight to put the seek to serve philosophy into action so your salespeople “sell” less to their more-empowered buyers and seek to serve more.

Top Sales World will announce the finalists for the Top Company Blog and Top eBook / White Paper, as well as its other award categories, in the January issue of Top Sales Magazine.

In the meantime, explore the Mereo blog for the latest insights and industry sense-making, or download our free eBook.