Mereo President Judges 2015 Baylor Business Sell-Off

Mereo President helps future sales professionals at alma mater’s event. 

COLORADO SPRINGS, CO (February 5, 2015)  – Jay Mitchell, Founder and President of Mereo LLC, the world’s leading revenue performance advisory firm, was invited to serve last week as a judge at his alma mater, Baylor University, for their annual Sell-Off competition.

This event is put on by the Baylor Center for Professional Selling. The professional selling program is recognized as a top sales program in the country, and corporations have agreed students coming out of this program are adequately prepared to take professional sales roles immediately after graduation. Some of this success may be accredited to the professional experience students receive in the annual Sell Off.

The Baylor Business Sell-Off provides business students with the opportunity to role-play realistic sales situations, enabling them to practice and improve upon their selling skills, see how they stack up against their classmates and also be seen and judged by professionals. Each role-play is 20 minutes and takes place with a business executive. All the judging is done by business executives from around the country. The judges provide insightful feedback and real-world advice to the students.

This year’s Sell-Off included 61 student competitors (20 seniors, 20 juniors and 21 underclassmen). Mitchell was privileged to be involved in the judging and was extremely impressed by the skill level of the students:

“Mereo does role-plays like what the students encountered with our clients regularly. Many of those companies are well-established market leaders, and several of the students would have been ‘top of the class’ in comparison to many of the professional sales people we encounter. While it is unfortunate that this characterizes the state of affairs for the ‘sales profession’, correcting this trajectory is the heart of Mereo’s purpose as we strive to change that hour-by-hour and day-by-day in our work with these companies and with students like those in the Baylor Center for Professional Selling.”

Mitchell received a Communications Specialist degree with honors at Baylor, and today is an involved and influential alumnus. He is passionate about helping sales students enter the work force prepared and effective.

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