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product manager

What solution effectiveness is made of: 5 vital product manager traits

Products and services are the lifeblood of any organization. And the men and women who don the title product manager
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revenue performance

The Blueprint™ to sustainable revenue performance

For every business — from two-person startups to cross-continental Fortune 50 organizations — there are interdependent operational disciplines at play
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Holistic Revenue Performance Series II: Solution marketing

Holistic Revenue Performance Series II: Solution marketing

Sustainable revenue performance ensures your organization is meeting its goals and finding its success not just here and now but
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marketing measure

Marketing in 2020: ‘As measured By’

A little open rate, with a dash of page views, and a heap of likes and shares … the cocktail
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Semantics Matters in Selling

I am often asked why myself and other Mereo consultants use the term “solution” over “product” and/or “service.” Is it
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marketing communications

How a solution marketing expert and marketing communications expert partnered to achieve major results

Around 2012, Rachel Spasser, currently managing director and Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) at Accel-KKR, joined Ariba, now an SAP Company,
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buyer profile

The often overlooked insights the target buyer profile can provide

B2B marketing teams align with sales, solution marketing and more through the target buyer profile. At Mereo, we call the
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b2b marketing

B2B marketing activities alone are not enough

B2B marketing often gets tunnel vision by just focusing on its individual activities. From the demand generation pushes, whether those
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How to react to the aftermath of the GDPR

No matter how hard we try to see into the future, to prepare for market shifts and new requirements, some
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how marketing can create content

How marketing can create content that helps sales engage the buyer

Marketing has the skills and expertise to create content to engage the buyer. Yet marketing content often leaves sales wanting
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