Partner — Do Not Replace — Your Selling Professionals With AI

This week I opened yet another email in my inbox that seemed … off. The sender had my correct name. They had Mereo’s name correct. Yet, the message read strangely. Referencing a client story from an organization we helped years ago, they said they could help us find clients fitting a similar profile. But that organization they referenced no longer exists. Thus, similar client profiles would be impossible. Moreover, that client proved to be a “blue bird” from a market segment for which we offer some value but not necessarily game-changing value.

As you likely have experienced since 2023, I have been a frustrated receiver of artificial intelligence (AI) bot messages regularly. As the technology continues to infiltrate our selling spaces and mature, I hope to see less of this broken structure and more of what AI can do well.

AI offers faster, more-efficient and more-productive prospecting and selling capabilities to B2B sellers. Yet, some sellers fail to use these tools for what they are. They miss connections and confuse or repel prospective clients. They fail to Seek to Serve™ with AI.

Leading B2B organizations, though, have figured out how to incorporate AI tools into their selling engines to make them stronger and more sustainable. It all comes down to empowering your sales force with the right AI tools — while keeping the critical thinking and human connections in your sales and marketing people’s onus.


When you put too much trust in automation or AI tools, you sacrifice critical thinking we humans do best. AI can help streamline your selling processes. It can help reduce the time and mundanity for your sales and marketing people to spend elsewhere. But your selling professionals should be prepared to partner with AI rather than expect it to do all the selling work.

Let AI help your sales and marketing people:

  • Research companies and profiles
  • Gather market insights and data
  • Consolidate business articles and buyer content
  • Populate draft one templates

For example, what once amounted to a week of research on your sales or marketing person’s behalf now can become a half-day review of information that your professionals can use to draft a report or tailor to a template or, even, write an email. A key to this amounting to a successful selling message or activity is that your professionals are there to critically review and pull in extra content and insights that make sense. They serve a vital role as the layer of real intelligence to make for a truly meaningful and effective selling engagement.


Successful selling takes more than human brains, though. You cannot automate or artificialize human connection — at least not genuinely or well. And at the heart of value selling, human connection still wins. It will always win above all else when the human passionately brings value to every interaction.

AI cannot know that you enjoyed a game of golf with this prospective buyer last month. AI fails to reference or build on relationship. These tools cannot possibly adjust price or message based on years of knowledge you have accumulated with the buyer or one similar.

Let AI help your sales and marketing people:

  • Gather the details
  • Put forth some message concepts
  • Recommend calls to action and wording
  • Set the tone and concept
  • Write draft one

Then be sure the revenue team adds the personal touch and spirit of the message. Add the heart and human connection.


Love it or hate it, AI is only growing in selling. Embrace this technology as a tool for productivity and efficiency — and ignore any thoughts about cutting corners or losing folks to it. With Seek to Serve, Not to Sell® at the heart of your AI approach, you, your organization, and your buyers will win in the long run.