{Top Sales Magazine Article} The most-realistic way sales can create content that connects with buyers

Mereo founder and President, Jay Mitchell, was featured in the world renown sales and marketing publication, Top Sales Magazine this month. See excerpt below and download complete magazine here.

But how can leadership achieve “dynamic and adaptable” sales and marketing processes?

  1. Sales and marketing still need to collaborate.

Regardless whether part of the sales or marketing team, each member of an organization is working toward a shared revenue performance goal. Likewise, every member of an organization wants to connect a targeted buyer with the organization’s solution. To ensure that marketing and sales agree on these goals and align in their efforts, bring them together regularly and often. Invite marketing to support the sales cycle. Invite sales to campaign planning meetings. In these frequent interactions, sales and marketing are able to:

  • Agree on important information like the target organization and buyer personas, assets needed for the sales cycles and more.
  • Encourage each to own their own expertise and strengths, as well as enable one another to excel in their strengths.
  • Track and measure past and current efforts.

For example, marketing may be creating a sales-ready asset that checks all their boxes but that fails to connect with the buyer out in the field. Unless sales brings that feedback to the marketing team, the issue may never be resolved.


To discover two additional, crucial steps in this process, check out the entire February edition of Top Sales Magazine.