Your Sales Process Is Not Enough

Leadership at a global FinTech software services company spent part of 2023 formalizing their sales processes in a sales motion guide. Their value selling approach aligned with their target buyers’ journey. Their processes were thorough and solid. We know this because our experts at Mereo had the good fortune of supporting this important effort.

Yet these leaders astutely realized that the sales process on its own is not enough. Instead, they dug deeper: How can we broadcast this process to our entire organization and get their attention? How can we ensure our sales force truly internalizes this approach? How do we know our people are capable of seeing the process through?

Good organizations guide their teams with a unifying sales process and supporting methodology. Leading organizations take sales processes a step further — focusing on individual skills and behaviors comprising the whole process. They train their sales force on not just skills but help them embrace new behaviors and a unifying mindset. They make their sales process not a step-by-step activity but the foundation for the sales organization’s culture. How? We want to share this secret-sauce to successful selling with you.


The modern B2B buying journey requires a high level of sophistication in selling. Organizations must comprehend who their ideal client profile (ICP) — in other words, who their buyers are. They need to lead with a cohesive, compelling effort to prospect and engage qualified buyers across all departments and geographies. They are required to know the marketplace — even better than their buyers — and offer insights based on that knowledge. They must close and follow through with tenacity and care.

Your sales force needs the right skills and behaviors for these 10 critical sales methodology steps across the sales process to work. Think of these as a critical subset of revenue performance accelerators that align with the selling cycle, and can improve individual execution and group revenue performance:

Early Stages

  1. Prospecting power moves
  2. Resisting the itch to pitch
  3. Leading their meetings
  4. Performing the quest of discovery

Middle Stages

  1. Becoming a trusted advisor
  2. Maintaining control of the buying journey
  3. Avoiding being single-threaded with buyers

Late Stages

  1. Reframing objections
  2. Managing radio silence
  3. Going beyond budget constraints

In the coming months, we will provide you the tools for each stage of the selling process to train and enable your teams to succeed. Follow us on LinkedIn, and do not miss these game-changing tools.


In the meantime, assign your teams these reading materials to kick-start their growth and understanding.

  1. Blue Ocean Strategy by W Chan Kim and Renée Mauborgne
    Embrace this game-changing strategic approach and learn how to tap into new market spaces ripe for growth. Get it here.
  2. The 5 Paths to Persuasion by Robert Miller
    Tailor your presentations to the mindset of your decision makers. Learn the five distinct categories and how best to engage them. Get it here.
  3. The Challenger Sale by Matt Dixon and Brent Adamson
    Inspire your sales force to become effective “challengers” in their buyer-seller relationships. Get it here.


Our experts at Mereo have supported leading B2B organizations in both formalizing sales processes that work — and training and enabling teams with the methods and skills to see these processes through. Reach out if your organization could benefit from outside guidance.