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A Winning Sales Culture Propelled by Urgency

Every business leader wants their sellers to embrace the sense of urgency to serve their buyer and realize the company’s goals.

Competition is ever-diluting. Buyers’ issues can easily fall into a status quo loop where the buyers do not actively seek to address the issues. Perceived busyness can blind leaders from sellers’ lack of purposeful activity.

Most leadership attempts to drive a culture of urgency with rewards and incentives. And while many incentives programs exist, the lack of urgency remains a No. 1 issue I come across in sales teams, across markets and business structures.

With incentives and rewards not doing the job, how can meaningful urgency be achieved?

It starts with the company culture — and the leadership team.

Sell Your Sales Team on Their Purpose

Every moment that passes where a seller is not working toward making a sale is a moment where your company’s value is not being realized by the buyer.

And in order for a buyer to embrace the value of your solution, your sales team needs to understand it as well. This breaks down into a few key elements you need to equip your salespeople with:

  • Target Buyer Profiles — Allowing sellers to understand who they are serving, what that ideal client’s biggest pains are, and what these pains truly mean, and how they can better connect the value proposition dots through relevant messaging.
  • Value Messaging — Arming sellers with relevant points about your solution’s unique value in the framework of how helps buyers overcome their pains and achieve their goals.
  • Differentiation — Showing sellers how much better you have listened to the buyer’s needs, how much more value or a different kind of value buyers can expect from your solution.

Sellers have an opportunity to act as heroes. They can fight the crime of buyer business pains with the tools of the company’s solution. And leadership can help them believe this purpose.

They do not have to be pushy salespeople buyers resent interacting with but rather trusted advisors who buyers turn to in times of need. When the latter sets in, sellers can truly start to feel the multidimensional value they hold at their fingertips for their sellers.

And once sellers understand this, once they are driven with passion and purpose, their calendars and actions will act accordingly, reflecting a sense of urgency to serve buyers.

Reinforcing an Urgent Culture

Every company culture is distinctive. That is what makes it a culture. That is what makes it a good or bad fit for every salesperson.

Regardless what your culture’s foundation is, every leader can implement the following into their sales culture to see winning results:

  • Embrace the competitive nature of your sellers.
  • Lead with a “last can of soup in the cupboard” mentality balanced by steadiness and confidence.
  • Leverage different levels and capabilities of sellers and orchestrate the collective activities of your sales team.

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