Semantics Matters in Selling

I am often asked why myself and other Mereo consultants use the term “solution” over “product” and/or “service.” Is it just a preference? Do I not mean product anyway?

We prefer the term solution because it is all-encompassing — an umbrella term that leaves plenty of room for us to start off on the same page of what it is we really are talking about. There is no disconnect, no moment of someone raising their hand to say, “That is wrong. That is not what we have here.”

“Solution” encapsulates products, services, packaged bundles or kits. It even keeps in the conversation go-to-market components including wholesale distribution, contract manufacturing and consumer packaged goods manufacturing.

We can start on a level of understanding with clients when we use the term solution, and then we can work our way down to what these solutions are specifically. And in doing so we have established understanding and consideration. In this small way, we are already building trust and confidence.

The same holds true for a selling organization when speaking with their buyers. The differentiated messaging salespeople use matters — as do the words they choose to share that messaging. The language displayed on a website and in buyer-facing content can either connect through shared meaning and relevant messaging or it can be another thing a buyer glosses over and moves past.

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