Navigate 2024 Selling Conditions with a Seek to Serve Map

In 2023, B2B selling organizations faced sluggish conditions. Buyers operated on tighter budgets and thus were more indecisive and hesitant to move forward with deals. A new year unfortunately does not always mean we are leaving all our woes behind.

With B2B selling in 2024, things are trickier than ever. Inflation is up, budgets are tight and everyone’s fighting for a piece of the spending pie. So, how do you as a seller stand out? Simple — by showing and proving your value throughout the sales process.


To truly forecast 2024 selling, you have to understand what your buyers are up against. Tough conditions remain for your buyers that threaten to freeze them into indecision or push them toward no deal. Many buyers may remain stuck in the harmful status quo this year. It is up to you to help them overcome their challenges to win.


With prices on the rise, companies are watching every penny. Buyers want more than just a solution — they want something that is worth the investment. As a seller, you need to prove that what you offer goes beyond market ups and downs. Show your buyer that you can deliver them real, lasting value. Build your solution’s differentiated value proposition with this guide.  


Buyers’ budgets are continuing to shrink, and sellers need to step-up to address this. It is not enough for your salespeople to engage buyers by talking about your solution and its features. Your sales force needs to show your buyers how your solution directly impacts the buyer’s bottom line. Empower your salespeople to serve as not just salespeople but rather trusted advisors who have a deep understanding of the buyers and their issues—and who can help tailor your solution to what they need when money is tight. Learn the 4 keys to pricing power that drive deals and reduce churn.


In a crowded market, you have to do more than convince buyers your solution is right for them. You have to prove why your solution deserves a share of the budget pie. And solution features will not help you win in this competition. This means the people in your organization must be an expert on your target buyers’ problems and work to align your solutions with their goals. Remember the difference between solution essentials and game-changing differentiators that can set you apart. 


This year especially, you and your sellers need to think like consultants. Identifying value means really listening to buyers, asking the right questions, and understanding their unique challenges — and how these challenges translate into business, financial and personal pains. Showing value is about explaining how the solution is a “pain killer” for those challenges. Proving value means backing it up with real examples: case studies, happy clients, ROI calculations and a history of success. And sharing value means following it through even after the sale. If your organization does this well, you can lock down sustainable revenue performance. Help your salespeople make the transition to trusted advisor.


2024’s tough economic landscape requires a focused approach to B2B sales. It is important to remember this year that selling is not actually about offloading a product or service. Selling today, now more than ever, means solving problems by delivering real, tangible value in a time when every dollar counts. If you guide your team from salespeople to trusted consultants by emphasizing value and proving your worth to buyers, your organization will not just survive — it will thrive sustainably.

At Mereo, we live and prosper by Seek to Serve and Not to Sell®. We can help you and your organization do this same this year. Embrace this selling culture all the easier with The Complete Sales Organization Guide to Seek to Serve, Not to Sell®.