buyer profile

The often overlooked insights the target buyer profile can provide

B2B marketing teams align with sales, solution marketing and more through the target buyer profile.

At Mereo, we call the target buyer profile the Power Profile™, a tool companies employ to align on key organizational characteristics and demographics, ideal organization attributes, and buyer personas.

When you achieve a common profile off which an entire organization is operating, that is huge all on its own.

Yet there is a subtlety in the buyer profile that could be missed — an opportunity to make B2B marketing efforts even more effective and purposeful. And that amounts to the details within the buying journeys.

That is great the organization knows the target buyer.

But it is even better if they understand how these target buyers actually make their decisions.

These target buying journeys can prove insightful and allow marketing to be more surgical with its efforts. With these, marketing can more effectively pinpoint their audiences, know the geographies and industries on which to focus and take it a step beyond with knowing the “watering holes”, media and messaging with which to engage them on appropriate parts of their journey.

Another important distinction to note: The buying journey within the buyer profile can vary between solutions, even for the exact same buyer. A buyer most likely will spend less time researching upfront for a solution that is low cost and has low stakes for the buyer’s operation. On the flip side, that same buyer may spend months researching options for a different solution area online before they are even ready to engage with any salesperson.

Are your target buyer profiles comprehensive and inclusive of buyer information that will truly help you better serve them? Learn how Mereo helped OKI win an unfair share™ of the market through solution marketing.