Axway is a €300+ publicly traded API management and application integration software-as-a-service (SaaS) leader.

LOCATION: Phoenix, Arizona & Paris, France
INDUSTRY: API Management and Application Integration SaaS




  • Transforming from a product provider to a subscription-based solution provider without a formal plan in place for go-to-market success and organizational alignment
  • Lack the formal, in-person training and enablement programs to level-up the global sales team’s skills and prepare them to advance marketing-generated leads to close
  • Limited cross-organizational interaction, with marketing, sales and product teams siloed by geography and departments, resulting in disparate messaging and misalignment
  • Go-to-market process lacked alignment externally with market and buying audience indicators and value messaging, as well as internally between the product management, sales and marketing teams


  • Supported commercial momentum of the subscription business, which saw 7.5% growth in 2018 reaching revenue of €40.3 million (14% of group revenue), and 17.2% growth in 1H 2019 reaching revenue of €23.1 million (17% of group revenue). Organically, the business grew by 4.4% year-on-year
  • Assembled effective cross-functional teams and repeatable processes that united to build solution and industry playbooks as tools for organizational alignment between marketing, sales and product teams, as well as to feed marketing campaigns and activities and sales enablement
  • Realized growth in marketing generated opportunities, up 45% in Q3 2019
  • Improved sellers’ confidence and capability to engage prospects in effective conversations by 33% overall, instilling value-based selling approaches and employing Axway solution messaging through the design and delivery of a blended in-person and eLearning sales enablement curriculum, while improving overall collaboration, education and confidence via workshops
  • Employed interactive training approach as part of sales kickoff that leveraged sales selected target accounts as the focal of exercises. 49.7% of these registered opportunities progressed to close utilizing concepts and techniques learned and/or honed at the global kickoff meeting
  • Instilled a realized value in enablement by the sales team that included an increase in marketing and sales enablement content at sales kickoffs from 1.5 hours in 2017, to a full day of content in 2018, to 2.5 days of content and enablement in 2019, re-focusing on education and preparing to succeed in the year to come

The Mereo team has been a catalyst for change. We no longer operate primarily in functional silos. With Mereo, we have someone who understands our business and our challenges while leading us into a collaborative model. They brought credibility to the table. More importantly, Mereo brought urgency, empowering us to accelerate delivery through their framework utilizing focused workshops. And in all of this, they brought the teams together in a way they had never been before — instilling trust and alignment across the organization.

Senior Vice President of Global Marketing


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