GT Nexus

GT Nexus

GT Nexus is a developer and operator of the world’s largest cloud-based global trade and supply chain network, backed by leading venture capital and private equity firms. It was acquired by Infor in 2015 for $675 million.

LOCATION: Oakland, California
INDUSTRY: Cloud-Based Global Trade and Supply Chain Network




  • Guided by new sales leadership and on the heels of a merger, the company was transforming its go-to-market operations around a common, value-based sales approach
  • The new sales leadership also sought to establish a common operational infrastructure and sales enablement curriculum for its disparate global sales team
  • Fundamental to scaling revenue effectively, the new sales leadership wanted to more effectively align with the marketing organization, yet lacked an actionable unifying plan


  • Instituted a unified sales process, within a three-week window, that aligned to the buying cycle of buyer personas and rolled-out the methodology at sales kickoff
  • Audited the current state of sales enablement infrastructure and identified actionable recommendations for synchronizing revenue funnel operations with marketing
  • Helped establish an on-boarding program for elevating the success of new-hire sales professionals
  • Set revenue engine foundation for $675 million acquisition by Infor

“As EVP of Global Sales, I sought to instill consistency and accountability through a common sales process across our entire global team. We chose to embrace the principles of “The Challenger Sale,” and needed sage counsel to help us transform many parts of our go-to-market activities. Mereo brought critical expertise and a corresponding framework that helped us baseline our current state, identify gaps we had in both marketing and sales, and architect a plan for closing those gaps. Mereo guided us through the alignment of all aspects of our go-to-market strategy and operations to deliver sustainable revenue growth!

Executive Vice President, Global Sales


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