Sopra Banking Software

Sopra Banking Software

Sopra Banking is a FinTech software services company that supports financial institutions with cutting-edge digital transformation solutions.

LOCATION: Paris, France
INDUSTRY: FinTech Software Services




  • Needed to productize custom service offerings in order to more efficiently replicate customer successes and grow business — but lacked the frameworks to do so
  • Struggled to align new leadership and teams across product, marketing and sales while simultaneously acquiring companies and reorganizing leadership to support new company vision
  • Hyper-focused on branding only the services without any product marketing efforts or value messaging
  • Lacked a repeatable, formal go-to-market standard approach and launch process connecting the marketing functions, and did not have an effective and efficient governance model to unify the entire market-facing organization


  • Implementing a foundational launch plan and standard go-to-market toolkit enabled Sopra Banking leadership with a streamlined, repeatable process for future success
  • Defining the standard go-to-market toolkit empowered leadership with the organizational momentum and knowledge to create sales tools and value messaging in an average of six weeks, greatly reducing the time-to-market
  • Developing a joint value proposition supported the transition from a service-based company to a product-based company, while streamlining the alignment process with new acquisitions and between teams
  • Enabling sales teams with the knowledge and skills for using the sales tools and insights won hat to expect for new product introductions
  • Rolling-out the launch process and go-to-market toolkits in pilot programs for more than 10 solution areas allowed for leadership input and buy-in, and to optimize the foundational materials, training and process for organization-wide launches
  • Creating a standard governance model and a weekly and monthly reporting structure for 12 key go-to-market areas supported the development and roll-out of highly validated solutions

“In this rapid-growth environment, the Mereo team brought the leadership and expertise needed to accelerate our successful development of sales and customer-facing resources.”

Chief Marketing Officer


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