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Baylor and UAH Students Hired for Summer Internships

Austin, TX (May 2022) The Mereo team is pleased to announce the recent hire of two interns for the summer: Tyler Armstrong and Sydnie Jackson.

Tyler is a rising junior at Baylor University, majoring in Entrepreneurship / Corporate Innovation and Professional Selling. He joins Mereo for a sales internship and will assist Mereo clients with their sales programs, as well as build on his prospecting, marketing and social selling skills. Tyler plans to pursue a career in sales or consulting post-graduation.

“While interning with Mereo, I am working to expand my knowledge about the sales world, develop innovative marketing skills and learn all that I can with the Mereo team’s guidance,” Armstrong says. “One thing that I connected with while interviewing for this internship was the philosophy ‘Seek to Serve, Not to Sell™.’ I truly want to live this way throughout my career and serve the needs of others to the best of my abilities.”

Sydnie is a rising senior at The University of Alabama, Huntsville, majoring in Digital Marketing. She joins Mereo in a digital marketing role to help support Mereo social selling, content marking efforts and digital analytics reporting. Upon graduation, Sydnie plans to pursue a career in marketing.

“I have had great opportunities throughout my college career so far to build my copywriting and marketing skills. I’m excited to continue building these and learning as much as I can during my internship,” Jackson says. “One of the many reasons I applied for this internship was Mereo’s ‘Seek to Serve’ philosophy. When I decided to major in digital marketing, I liked the idea of forming relationships with clients and helping to make a meaningful long-term impact. I consider myself lucky to be able to learn from those who share my values.”

The Mereo summer internships will span from May until August.

Mereo Presented Gold Medal in Top Sales Awards 2021 eBook Category

AUSTIN, TX (JAN 2022) — Mereo LLC, a revenue performance consultancy to Fortune 500 B2B organizations and high-growth mid-enterprise organizations backed by private equity firms, has been awarded the gold medal in the 2021 Top eBook/White Paper category in the Top Sales Awards. Our eBook was selected as the winner from hundreds of global submissions.

The Mereo Complete Sales Organization Guide to Seek to Serve, Not to Sell™ eBook offers selling organization leadership the framework for delivering maximum value across the buyer journey and customer lifecycle, from marketing through sales and into account management. The Mereo Seek to Serve™ approach encourages sellers to build trust and relationships first and foremost — which wins over the long run in a buying environment that can feel forceful and void of relationships.

With the foundation of this approach, Mereo principals have served and boosted hundreds of market leaders such as Ariba, Eppendorf, Citrix, Castellan Solutions, Pitney Bowes, Accel-KKR, SAP, Zebra, E2open, Vistage, Philips Healthcare, State Street, Ace Hardware, Miller Heiman, OKI Data, Logility, Sopra Banking, Grace Hill, Michelin, HireBetter, The Vintage Racing League and more.

“Our goal was to make this as valuable of a guidebook as possible,” says Mereo president and founder Jay Mitchell. “This meant easy to digest leading practices and foundations, while intentionally incorporating value-add items like exercises and worksheets. When a leader downloads and opens this eBook, we want them to step away with the tools for value selling and sustainable revenue performance.”

The Top Sales Awards has been held by Top Sales World for twelve years. Top Sales World leadership and a select judging panel of selling industry experts recognize individuals and organizations that have made valuable contributions to the global sales industry in the past year. Mereo was also recognized as a finalist in the “Top 50 Sales and Marketing Blogs of 2021.” Other categories include “Top Post,” “Top Assessment Tools,” “Top Sales Book,” “Top Company Blog,” “Top Individual Blog,” “Top Podcast,” “Top Sales Enablement Technology,” “Top Video” and “Top Webinar.” Explore all the winners who have been recognized in the 2021 awards.



B2B leaders share 2022 sales kickoff planning insights

The word around sales kickoff planning season is uncertain. Will it be in person? Will it be all virtual? Will there be a hybrid option? What should your organization do?

There is no single right answer. Every organization has to factor many of considerations into account.

We at Mereo spoke to executive leadership from leading B2B selling organizations to learn about their plans and strategies for the 2022 sales kickoff season. Meet the experts, and read their insights below.

Nicole Briggs is the head of global sales enablement at JLL Technologies.

Kari Neidigh is the senior director of sales and tech enablement at Cloudera Inc.

Barbara Mazziotti is the senior director of regional sales enablement at Cloudera Inc.

What are the biggest considerations driving your 2022 sales kickoff planning?

Nicole: We are still in the early stages of planning at JLL Technologies. But we are sending out surveys to the broader organization and asking them to vote on what type of environment they want to be in. We’re really trying to tailor it this year for the team because we know it is a big ask for a lot of them to travel. Some of them still have kids at home that they’re trying to take care of because schools are still having issues. So we’re trying to get the most value out of this from all perspectives. And even if that value is just them getting to interact with a team, that’s important. Our focus this year is around their wellness and being grateful for what they have accomplished last year. That is our overarching goal this year, which, you know, if you asked me three years ago, that would not have been the same.

Kari: At Cloudera, our leadership has focused on providing plans and options that have people’s safety and well being at the forefront of any decision making. This is what has been discussed as we pull together various scenarios for our global, customer-facing team.

We understand the value of having some face-to-face time for our field team, but we want to ensure that we follow any legislation protocols and that people feel comfortable and safe in doing so.

What will be the format of your 2022 sales kickoff?

Barbara: Cloudera has kept its people at home; everybody has stayed remote. Our leadership is focusing on what is best for everyone in the company.

Nicole: We’re a global organization at JLL Technologies. With differing COVID restrictions around the world, we’re struggling to meet as a team in-person. So we’ve had to try to figure out how we can hold our revenue kickoff summit early next year in-person and virtually — so a hybrid kind of model. Our plan is to do three days in a single location. In the morning we will cover high-level themes, vision, strategy, motivation. That will be the typical center stage where everybody is watching and listening to people present. In the afternoons we will focus on specific tracks for marketing, commercial sales, and certain sales groups to help improve skills.

What lessons did your leadership learn from the 2021 sales kickoff?

Nicole: In 2021 JLL Technologies did everything virtually over two days. The programming was spot-on, but it was exhausting content-wise with the breakout sessions. If 250 people are taking different tracks, and we’ve broken them up into four different tracks and each of those four different tracks has 50 to 60 people in it, and we want to break it down into five- to 10-person breakout rooms so that they can work through a narrative exercise, but then bring them all back into the main room for readouts — you get the idea, it was a Zoom logistical nightmare. But we committed to having at least two to three sessions in which we did do that because we knew the value of people working one-on-one in a group. And now with 2022, we’re hoping that we have fewer individuals who are virtual and more individuals who are in-person. Then the virtual individuals will be able to join breakout sessions more easily than what we were able to accomplish in 2021.

Kari: Last year, Cloudera had a completely virtual SKO. We selected a dedicated virtual event platform that was easy to access and easy to navigate — and also had strong engagement capabilities. We encouraged people to use the social feed and held friendly competitions with it. People did enjoy that, and this was a key element that brought people together across the globe and made us feel like we were doing something together.

Barbara: If I could highlight a point that Kari shared: The fact that Cloudera invested in a specific virtual event platform that supported a high level of collaboration and engagement is unique. Additionally, their leadership was committed to making sure the event aligned with and reinforced corporate culture. I’ve heard a lot about the videos from last year where leadership helped create funny, engaging videos — and all of that helped maintain a personal connection even in a virtual environment.

Kari: Yes, engagement and inclusivity are big focuses for us. We also put a lot of thought and prep into making sure the content was easy to consume in a virtual environment. A lot of feedback shows that about the two-and-a-half-hour mark you start to lose people. We considered everything from the length of content, to timing, to prioritizing critical content. We wanted to make sure people were at their best right when they were consuming content. Overall the event was a success.

How are flexibility and adaptability fitting into your 2022 sales kickoff planning?

Nicole: Right now we are more concerned that the rest of the organization has transparency and full visibility into what we’re planning for next year. That’s why we’re trying to do a hybrid model of broadcast plus in-person — so we can catch the individuals who might be outside of sales but still need to understand these themes and our vision and what our strategy is. So our logistics is taking into account a lot of flexibility to meet our overall goals.

Barbara: We are focused on adding more case studies into the sales kickoff. In this, I bring in real people who fit customer personas. The team can then get direct feedback from the actual persona they hope to engage with the next year. So that is something we are exploring and discussing as a possible addition to the kickoff this next year.

I want to add that Cloudera went private this year, too, so that will be a big influence in our key messaging and themes.

Kari: To continue from where Barbara left off, our company had a very successful 2021 virtual sales kickoff. We plan to use the same virtual event platform, which has only improved this past year with more features and functionality for breakouts and engagement. But based on feedback from last year, we will shorten the kickoff from our 2021 cadence — which was three hours a day, three days a week, for three weeks. It is important to keep engagement high after nearly two years of remote learning.

What one piece of advice would you share with fellow B2B selling organization leaders who are in the midst of 2022 sales kickoff planning?

Nicole: Screen fatigue is a real and serious ailment. If there’s an opportunity to do something hybrid, I think that’s the best way to go, and the leadership at JLL Technologies agrees. It’s been two years since we’ve all been able to be in-person. So just taking the time to find sessions throughout the day, where we can just meet and greet and catch up, is important. But we get it that not everyone is comfortable with that, so our programming needs to remain accommodating.

Barbara: Don’t forget about application and practice. The sales kickoff can build excitement and engagement with presentations, but the learning and owning of the material will not happen until people apply it and practice it. And in doing so much with Zoom and in virtual environments, this is something leadership has to actively push and prepare for.

To embrace a Seek to Serve, Not to Sell™ philosophy for your 2022 sales kickoff and to enhance value selling skills, download “The Complete Sales Organization Guide to Seek to Serve, Not to Sell.”


Access the Expert Guide to Elevating Revenue Performance With Solution Management

A solution strategy involves a seemingly overwhelming number of moving parts and pieces. Go-to-market success rests on formal foundations that help your organization make choices based on data and insights rather than ego and emotion. Wise investments that realize return take foresight and validation, as well as governance throughout the entire process. And all these pieces demand alignment between leadership, team members and departments across an organization — especially the solution and go-to-market teams.

These are no small tasks. And it shows: Most solutions that go to market fail. According to Harvard Business School professor Clayton Christensen, each year more than 30,000 new products are launched — and 80% fail. Nielsen has found consumer product flops at more than 85%. Of those products that do not immediately fail, 66% still go under within two years (Booz Allen Hamilton).

But we are here to help you step out and above the common challenges. At Mereo, we have built proven solution management foundations that help organizations win an unfair share™ of the market. We will show you how in our latest eBook: The Expert Guide to Elevating Revenue Performance With Solution Management.

Included in Your Solution Management Expert Guide

The Mereo Solution Management eBook Guide includes leading practices and proven Mereo frameworks for your most pressing solution management areas:

  • Growth Strategies
  • Themes
  • Validation Strategies
  • Roadmap Governance
  • Pricing Strategies

Through step-by-step guidance and hands-on exercises, your solution management executives can move closer to driving sustainable revenue performance.

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Equip your solution management team with the expert guide to help lead discussions and purposeful decisions for 2022 and beyond. Access your free guide here.

And reach out to our team to let us know your biggest solution management challenges 2021 has delivered and those on the horizon for 2022. We would love to help find your best solution.


Mereo LLC Recognized in Top Sales World Top 50 Sales and Marketing Blogs of 2021

AUSTIN, TX (SEPTEMBER 2021) Top Sales World, a leader in the global online sales community, has recognized the Mereo blog as one of the Top 50 Sales and Marketing Blogs of 2021. Mereo is receiving this recognition for the sixth consecutive year.

The Mereo blog continues to be a reliable and trusted resource for B2B business leaders to gain insight, guidance and direction for topics spanning the Mereo Revenue Performance Blueprint™, sales enablement, solution marketing, solution management and Seek to Serve™ philosophy.

“Our team of thought leaders at Mereo look at the blog not as a chore to put out content week after week — but as an opportunity to share real insights and values with our readers,” said Jay Mitchell, President and Founder of Mereo.

“We keep our ears to the ground for industry trends. We love to share stories from our client engagements where organizations — and their leaders — have overcome obstacles their peers are also likely encountering. We make sure every blog we write provides insight to topics, rather than just noise.”

Mereo is committed to continuing to provide exceptional value to its B2B business leader audiences through blog articles as well as other outlets. To remain up-to-date with the latest insights, follow Mereo LLC on LinkedIn.

How One Digital Asset Management Firm Transformed to a Value Selling Model for Global Success

While Adstream had a successful decades-long history in providing content delivery and traffic management services, leadership wanted to serve customers with a powerful, digital solution to better meet the market’s changing needs


  • Sales Process + Methodology
  • Differentiated Value Messaging
  • Change Management



Global companies often suffer from a “we are all things to all customers” syndrome that winds up serving no one. And Adstream recognized the fragmentation from years of growth and change. Adstream leadership not only wanted to reposition the brand to uplift the digital asset management (DAM) solution offering alongside well-established content delivery and traffic management services — they also wanted to move away from a regional approach to sales and embrace a united global model centered on value selling.

Likewise, they saw value in data-based decisions. Yet, their current lagging indicator tracking was offering little actionable insight to prospects and customers’ needs and trends — and salespeople performance.

Sales teams across geographies were speaking different languages and telling disparate stories to customers. Few prospects and customers understood that the company offered more than service delivery and in fact could support them with solutions.

So how could we help Adstream better position itself internally — to better serve its customers externally?


Adstream’s long history of serving both corporate and advertising agency brands meant they had a deep understanding of their customer. Together, with Miller Heiman/Korn Ferry, we knew we could leverage that customer understanding for each unique target buyer to create messaging that spoke to their needs and urgency. Likewise, Adstream leadership across geographies intimately knew their sales teams, which we tapped into to develop sales methodology and frameworks to unify the organization.

As discovered from experience, change within a large organization does not happen without leadership investment. So we also wanted to bring in the key executives across geographies to encourage this value selling transformation from the inside-out.

While we tell you a little more about the solution and results we tapped into to support Adstream, tell us a little more about yourself! Download the full client value story here.

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{Top Sales Magazine} How Value Calculators Cement the Deal

Read the 2021 May Issue of Top Sales Magazine for Mereo principal Andy Carlson’s value calculator best practices. Catch a sneak peak of the article here: 

After COVID-19 hit and shifted the rules of nearly everything — including the gym experience — my family started researching Peloton bikes. We headed online to make a store appointment, and on the website we discovered Peloton’s value calculator.

We answered questions about our exercise patterns and input details about our current gym and travel expenses. Then bing, bam, boom — the calculator output savings we could expect from investing in a Peloton.

We were already sold by the time we went into the store two weeks later. We even complimented the sales guy about the cool tool we found online, and he was surprised.

“Oh wow,” he had said. “That’s great. No one hardly ever uses that thing.”

And here is the truth of it: Value calculators can be applied to any business solution — yet they are not effective tools for every product or service, nor are they all created equally. Ultimately, value calculators employed in B2B scenarios need to infuse specific, differentiated value and proof-backed outputs that empower buyers to make the best decision in their journey.

To build an effective value calculator, you just need the proper perspective on value engineering and the right elements in the equation.

Value engineering has been used for decades to illustrate the potential outcomes and quantifiable benefits of a solution, while the sales and marketing teams collect vital information and gain a better understanding of their prospect’s needs.

Unlike the Peloton example, value calculators must be dramatically overly simplified when placed on a website if they are applied to more complex solutions like enterprise software. As a result of this simplification, most value calculators do not output a believable, compelling case for the large-expense B2B deals. At best, they may contribute to marketing lead generation efforts.  As even the Peloton bike sales guy implied, they are not often that effective in closing the sale.

For B2B selling, though, value calculators are powerful behind-the-scenes tools that can shape sellers’ conversations as they seek buyer inputs to deliver an enticing business case that buyers can act on. The outcomes should illustrate how your solution can meet a buyer’s specific business priorities.

This is important because sellers are now faced with a higher attendance from the C-suite leadership. According to a study by in 2021, high-level executives are 2.2 times more likely to join a sales cycle meeting now than before pandemic times. Their business priorities and pockets have tightened as well. Can you show them how they can cut costs? Can you prove that your solution could support revenue growth or increased productivity? If you can, you are sure to win.

C-suite leader or not, sellers need to cut to the chase with the benefits that differentiate them from the competition and drive the buyer to act. A value calculator can help you stay relevant and captivating to decision-makers.

For the winning formula, download the full issue of Top Sales Magazine. 

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{Top Sales Magazine} Elevate Your Value Proposition to Elevate Your Buyer Access

Read the March Issue of Top Sales Magazine for tips on selling to C-suite executives. Catch a sneak peak of the article here: 

The COVID-19 pandemic disrupted more than where and how we do business — it is also affecting who we do business with. Since early 2020, buyer access has been changing.

Between virtual selling environments freeing up leadership’s time and tightening budgets gaining more attention, members of the executive team are participating in sales calls now more than ever before.

A Chorus study has even found that C-suite participation in meetings and calls is up 108% since early 2020 (, 2021). Chances are you have witnessed this firsthand. And if you have not yet, the odds are high that you will find an executive decision maker on the other end of your sales call before too long.

Engaging Buyer Leadership Demands a Larger Sales Undertaking

Sellers have been vying for this level of access to the key decision makers within buying organizations for decades. Now that it is becoming more commonplace at earlier stages in the buying journey, many sellers are facing tough questions and conversations for which they have not prepared. A key indicator that salespeople overall are not prepared for the decision makers? That same Chorus study saw an 81% drop in C-suite meeting and call attendance from the first interaction to the second, some of which can be attributed to lack of engagement.

There is no room for subpar selling when a C-suite executive is directly involved. The bar is raised on all accounts. High-level executives have less time, have far less patience for ambiguity and irrelevance, and hold a warier ear toward your sales conversations and pitches. And rightly so: Globally, organizations have suffered financially from the COVID-19 pandemic disruptions. As businesses rebound, C-suite executives are looking to selling organizations like yours to prove your solutions are worth their cost and can yield real results.

This is a time when stepping up your game is essential. If selling organizations want to connect with elevated buyers, they must elevate their value proposition messaging too. So let’s consider a roadmap to help your selling teams get started.

Access the full article, and more from other thought leaders, download the 2021 March Issue. 


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Mereo Blog Awarded Bronze Medal in ‘Top Company Blog,’ Top Sales Awards 2020

AUSTIN, TX (JAN 2021) — Mereo LLC, a leading consultancy to Fortune 50 B2B organizations and high-growth mid-enterprise companies, has been awarded the bronze medal for the Top Company Blog category in the Top Sales Awards 2020, selected from hundreds of global participants.

Top Sales Awards 2020

The Mereo blog has been built on a decades-long foundation of value and servitude to its B2B business leadership audiences. Topics centered around value selling, sustainable revenue performance, effective sales enablement, product strategy and management, and overall B2B strategy and leadership provide regular insight, guidance and direction. Throughout the global 2020 COVID disruption, the blog contributors remained vigilant and dedicated to providing the utmost timely and valuable direction for organizations looking to revenue rebound and level-up with virtual selling.

“It is an honor to receive this recognition. Many members of the Mereo team play a role in the blog’s magic and effectiveness. From our principal contributions that provide diverse and well-rounded thought leadership, to those from our expert peers like Tamara Schenk and Simon Morton, we are able to share core Mereo foundations.” said Jay Mitchell, Mereo LLC president and founder.

“But what really makes the difference? We at Mereo are committed to value first and foremost. We are not out to make noise or hit a post quota. We see a problem, we see status quo that could be improved, we share those situations with great care and tips for moving forward.”

Mereo LLC was also recognized as a finalist in two other Top Sales Awards 2020 categories, including “Top Post” and “Top Ebook/Whitepaper.” To see the full list of results, visit Top Sales World.






For companies seeking to achieve sustainable revenue growth, Mereo provides revenue performance services which help companies win an unfair share™ of sales cycles. Market leaders such as Ariba, Eppendorf, Citrix, Castellan Solutions, Pitney Bowes, Accel-KKR, SAP, Zebra, E2open, Vistage, Philips Healthcare, Axway, Ortho Clinical Diagnostics, State Street, Ace Hardware, Miller Heiman, OKI Data, Logility, Appirio, Michelin, HireBetter, The Vintage Racing League and dozens more employ Mereo’s revenue performance programs to unleash repeatable revenue growth.

Top Sales Awards

Mereo Recognized as a Finalist in 3 Categories of 2020 Top Sales Awards

AUSTIN, TX (NOV 2020) — Mereo LLC, a leading consultancy to Fortune 50 B2B organizations and high-growth mid enterprise companies, has been recognized as a finalist in three of the 10 Top Sales World’s Top Sales Awards 2020: the “Top Post,” “Top Company Blog” and “Top Ebook/Whitepaper” categories.

The recognized “Top Post” details A History of Sales Enablement — and Predictions for Its Future, written by Mereo president and founder Jay Mitchell.

The Mereo blog continues to be a reliable and trusted resource for B2B business leaders to gain insight, guidance and direction for topics spanning sales enablement, revenue performance and Seek to Serve™ philosophy. In the COVID disruption it proved a valuable guide to industry leaders.

The Mereo eBook, “Seek to Serve: How and why to put buyers first in a customer-centric society,” offers insight to put the seek to serve philosophy into action so your salespeople “sell” less to their more-empowered buyers and seek to serve more.

The Top Sales Awards is an annual recognition of the leading sales thought leaders and the value they offer. This is its tenth year running.

Final results will be announced January 5, 2021. Follow us on LinkedIn to see the results. And explore the rest of the Top Sales Awards finalists here.


For companies seeking to achieve sustainable revenue growth, Mereo provides revenue performance services which help companies win an unfair share™ of sales cycles. Market leaders such as Ariba, Eppendorf, Citrix, Castellan Solutions, Pitney Bowes, Accel-KKR, SAP, Zebra, E2open, Vistage, Philips Healthcare, Axway, Ortho Clinical Diagnostics, State Street, Ace Hardware, Miller Heiman, OKI Data, Logility, Appirio, Michelin, HireBetter, The Vintage Racing League and dozens more employ Mereo’s revenue performance programs to unleash repeatable revenue growth.